Coaches Huffman & Cates Junior Golf Camps

NCAA Division 1 Head Coaches from Butler University

Colby Huffman and Christie Cates are the head coaches of the Men’s and Women’s programs at Butler University. Using experience from the top Junior academies in the United States from David Leadbetter’s Junior academy, Hank Haney’s junior golf academy, and Gary Gilchrist’s junior golf academy your junior will have a structured curriculum that teaches life skills and that motivates your child to be passionate about the game.

Classes are designed to provide golfers a group coaching environment to learn the game, set goals, and develop skills. Coaches will work through a set curriculum and allow for the chance to test and progress in your rank.


We have programs for all age groups and abilities, and our best-in-class GCA instruction ensures your child learns from the best.

 Program Highlights:

  • Action-packed training includes hands-on instruction lead by certified coaches.
  • Signature GCA curriculum focuses on developing golf skills (full swing, short game, rules and etiquette) while keeping the experience fun and engaging (games and activities).
  • A fun, safe and educational environment designed with your child’s well being in mind.
  • Low student to coach ratio

$125 | 3 Day Camp at Prairie View GC. Ages 5-7 (Beginner – Advanced)


June 3-5. 10:15-11am

June 17-19. 10:15-11am

July 8-10. 10:15-11am

July 15-17. 10:15-11am


$150 | 3 Day Camp at Prairie View GC. Ages 8 – 18 (Beginner to Advanced)

*Low student to coach ratio.


June 3-5. 8:30-10am

June 17-19. 8:30-10am

July 8-10. 8:30-10am

July 15-17. 8:30-10am



Youth Classes

  • Set Goals
  • Advance Through Levels
  • Mental Toughness & Focus


Supervised Practice

  • Mastery Through Repetition
  • Fun, Multi-Sport Activities
  • Athleticism


Measure Skills

  • Scoring Tests
  • Course Strategy
  • Track Progression

Utilizing NCAA Division 1 Training Framework

Junior Bulldog Golf Camps by Head Coaches Huffman and Cates have a motivating player development roadmap to help introduce and develop skilled golfers. The challenges we set for our players are a motivating way to learn and progress in the sport.

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